Care needs assessments during the pandemic

Care needs assessments in the context of easing health restrictions

The care needs assessment processes of the State office for Assessment and Monitoring of the long-term care insurance (AEC - Administration d’évaluation et de contrôle de l’assurance dépendance) are continuously adapted to the health situation in order to keep this public service accessible to all, to guarantee a quality service and to process incoming requests.

The AEC carries out care needs assessments and reassessments in compliance with health regulations and according to the health restrictions in force.

Assessments and reassessments at home and on the premises of the AEC (Hollerich) :

  • The applicant will be contacted by telephone the day before the assessment to confirm the appointment.
  • Our healthcare professionals will be wearing a mask throughout the assessment; the applicant and their caregiver are likewise encouraged to wear a mask.

Assessments and reassessments in long-term care facilities :

  • Assessments are carried out on the premises of the facility in consultation with the service provider and in compliance with the health regulations in force.

For any questions about an existing "long-term care insurance" file :

  • Dependent people with specific questions relating to their long-term care insurance file can contact their AEC contact person.
  • Our helplines are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 11:30 and from 13:30 to 16:30

- Administrative Helpline, for general enquiries:

Tel. 247-86060 / Fax 247-86061

Email enquiries

- Assistive Technology Helpline, for enquiries concerning assistive technology, home/vehicle adaptations and provision of assistive technology :

Tel. 247-86040 / Fax 247-86055

Email enquiries


Please consult the official website for all information on COVID-19.


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